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Farm fresh, locally sourced and prepared with love, courtesy of owners Executive Chef L. Brian Velasquez and Pastry Chef Renee Velasquez. 

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Friends of the Farmhouse

Maréchal Vineyards - Sanger

Sierra Seafood - Oakhurst

Kern Family Farm - North Fork

Max's Artisan Breads - Fresno

Pacific Pectin - Oakhurst

Mariposa Coffee Company - Mariposa

Sierra Ciders - Mariposa

1850 Brewing Company - Mariposa

Rosa Brother's Milk Company- Tulare

Valley Wide Beverage - Fresno

Ravens - Armona

     The Farm House by REV's is a polished casual restaurant open for breakfast and lunch. Here, our mission is to support local artisanal and boutique producers who are conscious of what goes into their products and how they are produced. From farmers and fishermen to wine and spirits makers, our food is created through the sourcing of only the best ingredients. Our simple, flavorful, and creative dishes are not only inspired by the ingredients themselves but the network of friends who supply us with the quality ingredients that REV's Farmhouse is known for.
     During his years of culinary expertise, Chef L. Brian Velasquez, The Farm House by REV's Owner and Executive Chef has cultivated relationships with the highest regarded local organic farms, allowing him to create the freshest menus using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and specially grown vegetables. In 2018, Chef Velasquez and his wife, Renee, unveiled a unique and sustainable field-to-fork dining experience at The Farm House by REV's, located at the south gate of Yosemite National Park in Oakhurst, CA.
     Prior to creating REV's Farmhouse, Velasquez acted as Executive Chef for several destination restaurants. Throughout all his restaurant concepts, he has been an integral part of the planning from concept creation to fruition and beyond.


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L. Brian and Renee Velasquez are the chefs and owners of Rev's On Tour

"It is not the Chef that decides what goes on the plate but the farmer that gives chef the choice of the harvest. Ultimately it is God above that allowed us to plant the plant and harvest the harvest."

 True Farm to Fork, Chef L. Brian Velasquez

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