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Meet our Team!

Renee joined Chef in the food industry and from the day they got married she was a perfect fit for the industry.  Her years of experience in customer service have served her well.  With her natural ability to work with people before and after they use our services made every dining visit just not another dining visit but an "experience".  Chef has stuck by a number of work ethics and one of them being "Every plate Every time" this played right into Renee's strengths.  

She is the last set of eyes to see plates that come from Rev's on Tour, her attention to detail over the years has given her the ability to make customer service and attention to detail the gold standard at Rev's on Tour.

With her years of hospitality and food service experience she is proud to deliver the ultimate experience with Rev's on Tour,  which allows the client to be completely free to relax and enjoy the excellent food and atmosphere of the event.

Renee has owned a number of Restaurants, she has held many positions in all her endeavors, from front of the house to back of the house. Over the years she has completed Pastry School and has also gotten certified as a Sommelier allowing her to work with Chef side by side to complete many menus with great wine.

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